Dave K6HWN “Shackmaster” Retiring November 30th 2015 [Update: Audio Interviews]

Our longtime Shackmaster and net control for numerous nets has announced his retirement from his SBARC duties. He has also taken steps for establishing a trust with the help of attorneys. His announcement as dictated is as follows:

“The Shackmaster is retiring 30 November. After eight exciting years of reviving the station and receiving a treasured award Shackmaster Dave will retire due to advancing age and pressing obligations because finally there are younger, competent, dedicated and friendly hams to take over and share shack duties. He will also retire from his nets and all else he does for the Santa Barbara Amateur Radio Club leaving others to fill these slots. One of his biggest regrets is not serving under the very promising administration of soon to be president elect Milburn. The decision is final. No discussion.”

The Shackmaster’s shoes will be hard to fill. We wish Dave all the best and are grateful for all he has done for SBARC. For retired people, people can check out estate planning law firm and get their legal help!

Update 1: Levi, K6LCM interviewed Dave on January 13, 2014 at the Club Station about his work to revive the shack in the 2000s and his appointment to Shackmaster in 2007.  Play the audio of that interview below or download an mp3 file.


Update 2: Dave was also interviewed on the SBARC Club Net by Jerel, WT6G on August 26, 2015 about his duties as a jailer many years ago in Berkeley, California.  Play the audio of that interview below or download an mp3 file.

Update 3: 
Dave received a special citation from the SBARC Board of Directors earlier this year. Here is the complete story and an audio recording of the presentation.

Post expires at 7:00am on Tuesday December 1st, 2015 but will still be available in the archives.

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President, Santa Barbara Amateur Radio Club 2016-Present

8 Responses to Dave K6HWN “Shackmaster” Retiring November 30th 2015 [Update: Audio Interviews]

  1. K6HMDK6HMD says:

    Dave, you will be deeply missed. My thanks for all the great discussions we’ve had. I’ve really learned a great deal about this hobby under your mentorship. I hope to have a occasional QSO! 73 my friend and good luck in you retirement, K6HMD

  2. K6LCMK6LCM says:

    Dave, I came to Santa Barbara just about the time you began your tour as shackmaster and net control. You were one of the first welcoming voices I heard on the radio. It was because of your hospitality and encouragement that I became involved with SBARC and the local amateur radio community.

    Your professional attitude, consistency and reliability has made our club and our community a better place. Over the past eight years, your voice has become the two-meter beacon for friendship, comradery, mentorship and kindness. Your presence will be missed but your contributions will continue to have a positive impact on all of us for many years to come.

  3. ka6kenka6ken says:


    If it were not for your constant vigilance on 2-meters, I may not have joined the club. While I’ve been peripherally aware of the club since moving here in 1985, it was not until I discovered VHF that I stumbled upon your announcements and nets. It was your enlisting “anyone out there listening” and encouragement in “welcoming of all hams, especially those new to the hobby” that really drew me back into ham radio again, after about 33 years off the air. Good luck in your next adventures and don’t be a stranger!

  4. K6BPMK6BPM says:

    Dave, had it not been for your friendly and welcoming voice on the air, I probably would have never taken the time to get a license and would have missed the opportunity to enjoy participating in an exciting hobby and meeting an exceptional group of people. You have taught and mentored all of us, no matter what our skill level. Your dedication, patience and encouragement has produced an entire community of skillful, considerate and ethical amateur radio operators. You have been a credit to SBARC and a credit to amateur radio. Your shoes will never be filled as there is, and can only be, one “Shackmaster”!

  5. K6HWNK6HWN says:

    My YL says my gift is helping others feel good about themselves. All of your gifts of compliments are making ME feel VERY GOOD about myself! But to keep all my time, effort, thought, creations, and risk-taking from disappearing, please contact our President-Elect, Brian (K6BPM@SBARC.org), and ask what YOU can take over and do. Just remember, you don’t need to do things the way I DID (as I mostly made them up anyway)! Do them THE WAY YOU DO THINGS. Brian is one of the most open, knowledgeable, competent and cooperative people that you are ever likely to work with. Please do this in my memory.

    73 and 88, Dave, K6HWN, Shackmaster

    • KK6VQNKK6VQN says:

      I agree 100% with your YL! Every time I checked in to one of your nets, you gave me a warm welcome and encouraged me to join the discussions. I’ll always remember that, and promise to “pay it forward.” I’m just beginning to explore the archives of your past Technical Mentoring nets. I find they are a treasure trove of mini-classes for beginner and experienced hams!
      Thank you my friend.
      Kat, KK6VQN

    • KK6AXYKK6AXY says:

      Hi Dave. I’m sitting here inth Red Cross parking lot waiting for you to arrive to open the shack on Tuesday night… I very very randomly came across the article saying you retired. I had hoped to have seen you on my way through SB today, I wish you the best in your retirement. Everything I got involved with and the vast majority I learned in the time I spent at the station is a direct credit to you. You really helped get me on the right track during my time in SB. Thank you Dave.

  6. says:

    I met you one day right after passing my technical and general exams in September 2013. You were extremely welcoming and friendly and you got a big kick out of my initial reaction to the radio room. You asked me what I thought and I believe I said “It’s mind blowing!”. You encouraged me to check in to all the nets on K6TZ and welcomed me when I did. I’ve learned a great deal from you and others during the nets and to me you WERE the voice of TZ. You’ll be greatly missed but never forgotten. Farewell my friend.

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