AllStarLink Nodes

SBARC supports two publicly accessible Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) nodes on the K6TZ repeater system to enable worldwide communications via FM repeaters using AllStarLink (node list | more info).

AllStarLink is a very powerful radio linking system and it is also considerably more complex than systems such as IRLP and EchoLink.  AllStarLink allows users to initiate connections to multiple nodes simultaneously.  This can be useful at times but connecting two or more busy repeater systems together through this type of “party line” can create serious problems. Please be courteous when exploring the system and always remember to clear all of your connections by entering *71.


AllStarLink Node: 43763

The SBARC Hub node was designed to accept incoming link connections only so that remote stations are able to join our nets on the Club’s linked repeaters throughout the region.  Local users on linked repeaters may not control this node nor make outgoing connections to remote systems using DTMF commands. We ask that external users NOT connect this node to other linked or otherwise busy repeater systems.

RTCM Monitor
43763 Connected Nodes

446.400 Repeater Node

AllStarLink Node: 43764

The 70cm repeater node was designed to be a VoIP playground for local Santa Barbara users. This node supports both incoming and outgoing connections on AllStarLink. Local users may use the DTMF commands below to control the system. When there are no links connected, this repeater courtesy tone sounds identical to the other K6TZ repeaters. When a remote node is linked, both local and remote transmissions will be followed by unique courtesy tones.

Presently, this node supports connected links for an indefinite amount of time (i.e. there is no disconnect timer) however we ask that users are courteous and disconnect all links with *71 when finished.  This node will also respond with a synthesized voice connection status when interrogated with the *70 command.

43764 Connected Nodes

Control Codes



Supported Commands


Incoming VoIP connections only




*2 + AllStarLink node = Connect AllStar Link in monitor-only mode
*3 + AllStarLink node = Connect AllStar Link in transcieve mode
*1 + AllStarLink node = Disconnect AllStarLink
*10 = Disconnect most recent AllStarLink
*4 + node = Enter command mode on a remote node
*70 = Speak local connection status
*71 = Disconnect all links (AllStarLink)
[acknowledged by two short beeps]

Don’t forget to disconnect:
*71 when you’re done!

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