Cuckoo Net

Dennis - WB6OBB

Dennis – WB6OBB

The Reg Dawe Memorial Cuckoo Net – Since 1984 the Cuckoo Net has been a place for local hams to come together and share great company, announcements, and weather information in the Santa Barbara area.  Join the friendly folks on the linked repeaters of the SBARC Hub network every weekday morning from 7:00 AM to about 8:20 AM.  We share weather observations, announcements, and “drive time” chats.  Join us early to catch up and make new friends, and hang around until 0800 to hear announcements and all about the local weather.

History – It started in 1984 as an effort to keep in close touch with Reg Dawe, W6HUT,  an elderly friend and Elmer to many local hams, the net became a popular place to chat, share announcements, and pass the time while driving to work.  We call it the “Cuckoo Net” because, at precisely 0800 hours, net host Dennis Schwendtner (WB6OBB) officially opens the net to the chime of his cuckoo clock.  We still keep in touch with older hams, enjoy great company, and share announcements.  Nowadays hams from all over the area also share weather observations from SBARC club weather stations, home weather stations, or by simply looking out of the window!

You’ll find recordings of the net in the SBARC Audio Archives.

Instructions for Net Control Operators

Click on the button below for the Cuckoo Net script and roster. This is formatted to display well on smartphones, and includes easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. You can create a bookmark or add it to your Home Screen on your device so that it is accessible with one click.

Cuckoo Net Script and Roster

Cuckoo Bird Audio File

Click on the button above to play the Cuckoo audio or
right-click to download / save to your computer

Cuckoo Nets are hosted Monday – Friday by a group of volunteer Net Controls. Please consider volunteering to help keep this net alive. This is a great way to learn how to handle and organize traffic from multiple operators, which is a valuable skill to have. If you can spare 20 minutes occasionally or on a regular basis, please let us know during one of the nets.

We also need volunteers to read trivia questions since the Net Control may or may not have a trivia question for the day. So, if you happen across some interesting fact or tidbit, why not turn it into a trivia question and let people guess it? Trivia Questions (Updated 10-18-22) are usually multiple choice and have 3 distractors and 1 correct answer.

  1. Monday: Less, KN6CKG
  2. Tuesday:
  3. Wednesday: Debbie, KN6IMJ
  4. Thursday: Debbie, KM6IMJ
  5. Friday: Dennis, WB6OBB

Thank you for volunteering for Net Control.

Edited by – K6BPM 02/09/2023

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