Digital Modes SIG

We are a group of amateur radio operators that have an particular interest in operating digital mode communications. These include Yaesu System Fusion C4FM digital on VHF and UHF and repeaters, as well as the many modes popularly used on the HF bands. The group mainly meets on the ATV Digital Modes Net on Tuesday evenings although discussion of these modes sometimes works its way into some of the other weekly nets.

We typically discuss operating on the System Fusion VHF/UHF platform and also devote plenty of time to other special modes such as Fast Scan ATV, SSTV, PSK31, JT65, DV, Olivia, DominoEx and many others. Everyone is invited to participate.

HF special modes involve using your computer to send data, voice or pictures over the air. There are several software applications available for ham radio operators like Ham Radio Deluxe with DM780, FLDigi, JT65HF, EasyPal, and FreeDV and many others.

HF digital modes are lot of fun to operate and all you need is a computer, sound card and an interface to your radio. Most of the software is available for free, is well supported and is commonly used by hams all over the world.

HF digital mode communications are a great choice for lower power or QRP stations because they typically use less than 50 watts of power and you can operate perfectly well with a modest dipole or wire antenna.

If you are interested digital VHF/UHF communications or in using HF special modes, check into the ATV Digital Modes Net and we will be happy to help you get set up, find software and explain how everything works.

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