Technical Mentoring and Elmering Net – November 19, 2015

The audio archive can best followed by downloading the .mp3 file for the appropriate date here and listening with the media player of your choice. You can move the progress slider forward or backward to the subject of interest to you. Tonight’s net was Dave’s next to last TM&E net. Next Thursday will be Thanksgiving, so Dave asked who might attend the net and at least a few people will. So, next week will be Dave’s last net and even though it is a holiday, he will dedicate his evening one more time to help us figure out whatever problem we might have. But never fear, the net will continue on with new volunteers attempting to handle your questions and to lead the discussions. We plan on having a crew of net hosts who will rotate every week to make sure this net carries on. This was yet another interesting net with 11 check-ins plus net control (Shackmaster Dave K6HWN) and 4 chat room visitors. Subjects tonight included: Dave discussed a complex paradox with how you can hear some of a sideband signal on AM. Dave’s radio/electronics repair experience, troubleshooting techniques/tricks, etc. Brian’s (K6BPM) questions about capacitance and circuit building. Speculation about the “popping” noise on Dave’s and other signals on the K6TZ repeater tonight. General digs at Shackmaster Dave and his imminent retirement. So sad, but what a terrific legacy he’s left us. We’ll miss you Dave.  Tune in to the SBARC TM&E Net next Thursday at 8:00 PM (2000 Hrs) and see what interesting questions will arise or ask some of your own! All club members and visitors are encouraged to check in to the TM&E net each week and join in with questions and /or answers to and contribute the knowledge of new and seasoned amateur radio operators alike.

Dave K6HWN “Shackmaster” Retiring November 30th 2015 [Update: Audio Interviews]

Our longtime Shackmaster and net control for numerous nets has announced his retirement from his SBARC duties. He has also taken steps for establishing a trust with the help of attorneys. His announcement as dictated is as follows: “The Shackmaster is retiring 30 November. After eight exciting years of reviving the station and receiving a treasured award Shackmaster Dave will retire due to advancing age and pressing obligations because finally there are younger, competent, dedicated and friendly hams to take over and share shack duties. He will also retire from his nets and all else he does for the Santa Barbara Amateur Radio Club leaving others to fill these slots. One of his biggest regrets is not serving under the very promising administration of soon to be president elect Milburn. The decision is final. No discussion.” The Shackmaster’s shoes will be hard to fill. We wish Dave all the best and are grateful for all he has done for SBARC. For retired people, people can check out estate planning law firm and get their legal help! Update 1: Levi, K6LCM interviewed Dave on January 13, 2014 at the Club Station about his work to revive the shack in the 2000s and his appointment to Shackmaster in 2007.  Play the audio of that interview below or download an mp3 file.   Update 2: Dave was also interviewed on the SBARC Club Net by Jerel, WT6G on August 26, 2015 about his duties as a jailer many years ago in Berkeley, California.  Play the audio of that interview below or download an mp3 file. Update 3: Dave received a special citation from the SBARC Board of Directors earlier this year. Here is the complete story and an audio recording of the presentation. Post expires at 7:00am on Tuesday December 1st, 2015 but will still be available in the archives.

Amateur Radio Newsline Co-Founder, Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF, SK

ARRL 6/12/2014 – A well-known voice in the Amateur Radio news media has gone silent. Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF, of Santa Clarita, California, died June 11 following a period of ill health. He was 73. Pasternak was co-founder (with Jim Hendershot, WA6VQP) ofAmateur Radio Newsline™ (formerly The Westlink Report) ham radio news webcast and a frequent presence at Amateur Radio conventions. Pasternak served as Newsline’s managing editor and occasional newscaster for the program. Read More…

Tune in for K6LCM’s Cuba Trip Report Part 2

Last Friday May 15th, Levi – K6LCM reported on his recent trip to Cuba on the Cuckoo Net. We were treated to a very interesting hour and everyone had lots of questions. The good news is that there’s more to come! Levi will spend another hour with us and give us part 2 of his trip report this coming Friday, May 22nd, again on the Cuckoo Net starting a little after 7 am. His trip was part of an educational research delegation to Cuba but he also found time to meet with some Cuban amateur radio operators. Be sure to catch part 2 of this very interesting and highly informative report from someone who was able to talk radio with real Cubans, in Cuba! If you missed part 1 of Levi’s report, it is well worth listening to. Of course, like all our nets, it was recorded and it is available for you to listen to at your leisure. Head on over to the SBARC audio archives and listen to the morning net for May 15, 2015 or scroll down and the archive is embedded in a post below. Post expires at 8:00am on Friday May 22nd, 2015 but will still be available in the archives.

KK6OYV (Haydn) Will Be Operating From The Maker Fair This Weekend

Post from Haydn -KK6OYV follows. He will be operating from the bay area this weekend on HF. Try and make contact with him if you can! We’ve got QSL cards to mail out, too. We’ll be K6M at Maker Faire from 1:00PM to 7:00PM Pacific Time on Friday the 15th 10:00AM to 8:00PM Pacific Time on Saturday the 16th 10:00AM to 6:00PM Pacific Time on Sunday the 17th We’ll be on or around 14.250. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough volunteers to provide all day coverage on the radio, and we get tons of visitors that we provide information to, so we’ll operate as often as possible but not the whole time. We have all the volunteers we’re allowed to have, so too late to sign up. We operate on battery power with a Kenwood TS-480 and either our truck-mounted screwdriver or a Buddipole. Generally we reach to east to the Mississippi but not much further. RFI is a serious contender at Maker Faire, and we don’t have a way to get an antenna way up in the air. Please give a listen or give us a call on 14.250 — K6M Special Event Station. Post expires at 1:00am on Monday May 18th, 2015 but will still be available in the archives.

ARRL Rookie Roundup Contest – Sunday, 19 April

Update: The SBARC team will be operating on or around 7.225 and 14.240 during the contest. If you can’t participate, please try to contact them on these frequencies during the contest to get them more points! SBARC will participate in this spring’s Rookie Roundup contest at the club station on Sunday April 19th between 11:00 and 17:00 hours local time. During the Rookie Roundup, a “Rookie” is any radio amateur licensed within the current calendar year or in the previous two calendar years, regardless of license class. Operators exchange the call sign of the station they’re working plus their own call sign, first name, two-digit number of the year first licensed, and state, Canadian province, Mexican call area, or “DX.” The goal of Rookie Roundup is to encourage newly licensed operators in North America (including territories and possessions) to operate on the HF bands and experience competitive Amateur Radio operating. Experienced operators are encouraged to participate and help new operators — either on the air or in person. This is a terrific opportunity for new operators to get on the air and learn contesting skills. Old Timers may want to consider opening up their stations to rookies and serving as a contesting mentor. The more operators on the air, the more fun the Roundup will be for everyone. Review the rules before the event, and get familiar with logging and log submission processes too. Rookies exchange information with as many other stations as possible on the 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meters. Rookie entrants are encouraged to read “HF Contesting – Good Practices, Interpretations and Suggestions.” For more information and to sign up for the “team” contact Theo KK6YYZ, at or (805) 896-4421. Post expires at 11:30am on Sunday April 19th, 2015 but will still be available in the archives.

Digital Mode and ATV Net Time Change?

Tonight on the Digital Mode and ATV Net we are going to request input from participants about the idea of changing the net times from 8:30 pm – 10 pm, to 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm. The original time was chosen back when there was another ATV net running in another county that ended at 8:30. After that net was over, some on those participants moved over to the SBARC ATV net. These days there is very little discussion (if any) about ATV, and much more about digital voice and special modes and the participants are mostly local club members. So there is no particular reason why we cannot start the net a little earlier and end a little earlier. It is the opinion of the net control that  we may be able to attract more participants, and more participants can stay longer, if we start and end at a more convenient times. So what do you think? If you have any opinion on this please weigh in by leaving a comment below.