HF Antennas

HF antenna project.

2 classics available: Cushcraft A4S 4 element tribander with 40 m add-on and A3WS 3 element duobander for WARC bands with 30 m add-on. Both are in need of rehabilitation. Some small parts like pieces of capacity hats may be missing but should be available from Cushcraft / MFJ or sourced locally. This is a good, cheap project to get great HF antennas that may not look great but will perform well for sunspot Cycle 25. Either one $50 or both $85. 

Details from Paul W1PR – 805-69-GUD-DX (805-694-8339) or w1pr@arrl.net.

Expires 8/03/2021  Mike Williams, W0JFB

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