New Group – SBARC Members Help New and Prospective Hams

Are you new to amateur radio or already an experienced  licensed operator?

We have set up a new discussion group, the Elmering Discussion Group list server. If you are a new ham, or just considering getting into the hobby, then this group is for you! We’ll do our best to answer your questions and get you headed in the right direction. And because this is a group email list, you may get multiple responses from experienced hams who have all volunteered to help.

We are also encouraging all interested SBARC members to join the group as volunteer Elmers. The only requirement is that you are a licensed ham, and can contribute to helping new and prospective hams with occasional questions about getting licensed, getting their stations set up, and all the other things new hams typically need help with.

Click here to join the Elmering Discussion Group

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