The AllStar & EchoLink Playground is Now Open!

allstar-linkThe SBARC Telecommunications Services Committee has been hard at work rebuilding the club’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) repeater systems.  As part of the completion of the second phase of this project, the 70cm repeater VoIP playground is now open!

Both AllStar Link and EchoLink systems are supported for incoming and outgoing link connections on the K6TZ 446.400 repeater. Local amateur stations can control the node over using DTMF commands to link to repeaters around the globe.

Many hams may be familiar with EchoLink and IRLP, two mature ham radio VoIP systems that permit node-to-node and node-to-conference server connections. AllStar Link is a newer and very powerful radio linking system based on the open source telephone PBX software Asterisk. The AllStar network has grown tremendously over the past few years and lends itself very well to experimentation.

There is a new section on this website with a short primer on the new VoIP system including complete documentation of the DTMF commands used to control the 70cm node. Read more and start experimenting in SBARC VoIP playground!

Thanks in particular to Ludo, K6LUD for his work to become our resident AllStar Link and Asterisk guru!


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Levi is a member of the SBARC Board of Directors and is the K6TZ Trustee. He is also a Volunteer Examiner.

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