Mesh Network Status – April 9th, 2016

Our three nodes at Gibralter Peak are working extremely well. We have members linking up from Goleta to Carpinteria and several points in-between. There are about 5 nodes online now and another 5 or so coming up soon! The node for the club station is programmed and ready to go, but installation on the mast was delayed because of rain.

We still need to raise funds to build out the La Vigia site on the Mesa. We need 2 or 3 Ubiquiti Nanostation nodes there and a ToughSwitch network switch. All the equipment will cost us about $400 and any help our members can offer will be greatly appreciated. If you can help with a donation please click here.

Our next step will be to connect over the mountain to the Santa Ynez Valley. We’re very lucky to have access to all the great repeater sites that Bill W1UUQ has spent many years cultuivating. This enables is to to some great things with emergency and general communications of all kinds and we hope to utilize these assets wisely to enhance our communications abilities.

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