Remember to Renew Your Club Membership!

This is a good time to renew your club membership. If you have not joined the club yet, or let your membership lapse, this is a good time to do that too! Your club dues help support the substantial infrastructure the club offers including the repeaters as well as the club station. Membership is ONLY $24 a year. That is only $2 per month and your dues are very much needed and appreciated and helps the club keep everything up and running. You can now also pay your dues online and even set up automatic annual payments!

Remember… the board changed the policy on when dues can be paid. You can now pay your dues any time of the year and your “anniversary” date will be on the same date each year. So joining any time during the year will cover a full 12 months.

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President, Santa Barbara Amateur Radio Club 2016-Present

2 Responses to Remember to Renew Your Club Membership!

  1. KC6CBBKC6CBB says:

    Paid $24 2015 membership dues in December 2014. Have the PayPal receipt. No SBARC acknowledgement.

    Is my membership current?


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