Shackmaster Retires

Dave's parting display

Dave’s parting display

Our official “Shackmaster” Dave K6HWN peddled off into the sunset (or sunrise) on November 30th at 0800 hours. Dave managed the club station and hosted numerous daily and weekly nets for over eight years. He put a tremendous amount of work into turning the club station into a functioning radio room and making sure it was always open at scheduled times. Over the years he welcomed dozens of new amateurs and club members with his trademark friendliness and willingness to help others. Dave takes his rightful place in the annals of the Santa Barbara Amateur Radio Club as one of the most dependable and dedicated members we’ve ever had the experience of associating with.

Dave left some final comments for SBARC members here. However, we’re hoping that we may not have heard the last of him.

The audio from Dave’s final morning net can be heard by listening to the embedded audio link below.

Post expires at 1:00am on Tuesday December 15th, 2015 but will still be available in the archives.

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  1. says:

    What a great display he put up! He will surely be missed.

  2. K6HMDK6HMD says:

    Fantastic display and motto. I hope he continues helping those that need him. We sure benefited form his outstanding dedication to our hobby. Dave will be missed but I’m sure new folks will move in to fill in and continue what the Shackmaster did. By the way, if you read this Dave, my HT antenna is still longer than yours LOL 😛

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