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Scanner Radio

The Scanner Radio app by Gordon Edwards lets you listen to K6TZ from nearly anywhere!

Over the past week, I have been testing a live, worldwide, streaming audio feed of the K6TZ repeater on 146.79 MHz. Now visitors to the club Web site can listen to the repeater from their computer or smartphone when a radio or scanner is not handy. For non-hams or prospective hams, this provides an opportunity to listen in to the local activity on 2-meter Amateur Radio before even buying a radio!

There is a link to the stream in the right-hand sidebar “Quick Links” section called K6TZ Repeater Live Audio, which takes you to the Web site for the live audio stream. This stream is accessible from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.  Listening on mobile device can be accomplished with an app called Scanner Radio by Gordon Edwards.  There are versions of the app for iOS and Android, so you can take the repeater with you wherever you travel!  The app also allows you to listen to thousands of ham radio and public safety scanners on your phone or tablet.

Right now my scanner is configured to scan both the 2-meter and 70cm K6TZ repeaters. The scanner listens to 146.790 (primary) & 446.400 (IRLP node 3673). Scan priority is given to 146.790 (the main SBARC repeater) where the most traffic and many weeknight nets can be found. Let me know what your experiences are with this new feature by leaving a comment on this post.

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Levi is an Extra Class licensee and the K6TZ FCC license trustee. He is a member of the SBARC Board of Directors and a Volunteer Examiner.

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