Monthly Six Meter Net

The Six Meter Net meets on the first Tuesday of every month.

The time is 2000 hours, or 8 PM, PT, on 50.125 MHz., upper sideband mode.

The nets starts on this frequency then after about 15 minutes it may or may not move to 50.145 MHz. USB to avoid prolonged interference on the National Calling Channel.

For upcoming dates, please check our events calendar.

All stations using the upper sideband mode (vertical or horizontal polarization) are welcome to check into the net.

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President, Santa Barbara Amateur Radio Club 2016-Present

One Response to Monthly Six Meter Net

  1. KF6HHXKF6HHX says:

    Hi, Brian,
    I was looking through the calendar of events and noticed the Six Meter Net needs an update:
    The correction is LAST instead of FIRST.
    It should be:
    “The Six Meter Net meets on the LAST Tuesday of every month.”
    This mostly depends on Calli’s , KD6OVS, schedule.
    This week, of course, it lands on Halloween, but we went from First to Last some time ago.
    Cheers & 73,
    Jim Allen, KF6HHX

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