Reminder – Members are Allowed to Attend Board Meetings

This is just a reminder that all members are invited to attend Board of Directors meetings. Meetings are not secret or private. All the board members are club members first, and we have just been elected to make sure all the club business gets done. If you have something you would like to bring up with the board, and idea or even a complaint, you are free to contact a board member to have it put on the agenda and present it in person. Board meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 7pm at the Red Cross (upstairs). Again, everyone is welcome, any time. Post expires at 12:53pm on Monday November 30th, 2015 but will still be available in the archives.

SBARC VE Test Sessions

Sessions will take place at the Mental Health facility off of San Antonio Road on the second Saturday of odd numbered months. Please check the club calendar for upcoming dates and times. More information is also available here. The ARRL VE charges $15.00 for administering each test. You pay the fee for, and can take the test for as many license levels as you want in the time allotted. If you fail one test, you can arrange to take a different version of the same test for an additional $15, up to four of them !!! Ventura County does VE sessions during evenly numbered months on the second Saturdays or Sundays. Additional VE Sessions may take place at the end of any classes, such as for the Technician, General or Extra level licenses. Again, contact Darryl Widman, KF6DI, at 969-2326,, to pre-register for an upcoming session and to get hold of other particulars. Also, alternate contacts are as follows: Mike, K6QD,,   680-2382 or Tom, N6YX,, 967-7351.

Monthly Six Meter Net

The Six Meter Net meets on the first Tuesday of every month. The time is 2000 hours, or 8 PM, PT, on 50.125 MHz., upper sideband mode. The nets starts on this frequency then after about 15 minutes it may or may not move to 50.145 MHz. USB to avoid prolonged interference on the National Calling Channel. For upcoming dates, please check our events calendar. All stations using the upper sideband mode (vertical or horizontal polarization) are welcome to check into the net.

Rover Emergency Repeater

The Rover is back at the Red Cross Chapter Headquarters on Alamar Rd. The repeater can be on the air anytime the Club Station is open. The fequencies are 144.930 Mhz. output, (where you listen) and 147.585 MHz. input, (where you transmit). The PL is the standard 131.8 Hertz. Ventura County has a similar repeater with a 127.3 PL. Repeaters on this frequency pair are usually on the air for practice or for an event, but they will not be on the air all the time !!! We are trying to get more members of SBARC on the Rover Repeater. The Rover is not on all the time, but can be turned on by request during regular [AnythingPopup id=”2″].