Rover Emergency Repeater

The Rover is back at the Red Cross Chapter Headquarters on Alamar Rd. The repeater can be on the air anytime the Club Station is open. The fequencies are 144.930 Mhz. output, (where you listen) and 147.585 MHz. input, (where you transmit). The PL is the standard 131.8 Hertz.

Ventura County has a similar repeater with a 127.3 PL.

Repeaters on this frequency pair are usually on the air for practice or for an event, but they will not be on the air all the time !!!

We are trying to get more members of SBARC on the Rover Repeater. The Rover is not on all the time, but can be turned on by request during regular [AnythingPopup id=”2″].

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