EASY DIGI™ Board kit by KF5INZ / Wireless Telephone Transmitter Model WTT-20

EASY DIGI™ Board kit by KF5INZ$7.00  Photo
A convenient, single board, isolated, a digital interface that works for almost all of the digital modes on HF and VHF/UHF. Works with DIGIPAN, FLDIGI, MTTY, MMSSTV, and most all other sound card programs! It consists of two 600-ohm line transformers for audio input and output from your pc to your transceiver and an optocoupler push-to-talk circuit that works off of an RS-232 port on your computer.

Wireless Telephone Transmitter Model WTT-20 – $7.00  Photo-1  Photo-2
A small classic “bug” kit. Build a unique and versatile telephone transmitter on a miniature PC board. The completed project connects to a landline telephone, using line power (no battery needed) to transmit the audio from the call on 70-130 MHz.

If you are interested in both I am discounting them to $10.00 for the pair!

Contact Levi Maaia, K6LCM / Email – k6lcm@arrl.net


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