Assorted Radio Gear For Sale

Various items are all $30 or less!

Visit the Club Station on Saturday mornings or pay online here.

  1. NanoVNA: Cheap way into the world of VNAs! Bright 2.8″ display and internal battery. Covers 50KHz to 900MHz. Comes with two launch cables and O/S/L calibration fittings for $20. Picture (Listed 4-04-2022)
  2. Autek RF1 Antenna Analyzer: Compact, very accurate, covers HF.  Will demo upon sale if desired. Comes with an accessory kit for $25.  Picture 1 Picture 2  (Listed 4-04-2022)
  3. Calrad Selectable 45744 Power Supply: 6,9,12 volts at a maximum of 1 Amp $10Picture (Listed 4-04-2022)
  4. MFJ Antenna Bridge: Model 204B works for $10. (Listed 3-23-2022) Picture
  5. Drake Dummy Load: DL300 Model 1550. Good condition 0-160MHz tests out at 51 Ohms w/a calibrated DVM. Will provide de-rating curve upon sale for $20. (Listed 3-15-2022) Picture 1 / Picture 2
  6. HYS Two Meter Mobile Antenna: Lip mounted NMO base w/6′ of RG-58A/UHF terminated into a PL-259 connector $10. (Listed 3-01-2022) Picture
  7. Telecom Test Set: – Mint condition Telco Test Set. If you know what you’re looking for you know what this is! $25. (Listed 2-21-2022) Picture
  8. Henry Amplifier Model C30AB02: A little rough around the edges but works! 4/5 Watts In 30 Watts out. Range 136MHz-174MHz. Can be tuned anywhere in this band. Currently tuned to 150MHz area, puts out 25 Watts at 2 meters. Draws about 8 amps. $30. (Listed 2-07-2022) Picture
SBARC Fundraising Item
Available at the Club Station
Open every Saturday from 9am until noon.

Updated 4/06/2022 W0JFB

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