Alinco DR-150T / Samlex RPS1207


Alinco DR-150T + Samlex RPS1207 – $120

This is what you want to have in an emergency; the 2 meter band is where all the fun is: ARES (amateur radio emergency service), police, fire, NOAA, weather, aircraft, etc. The radio can also be used as a link for packet radio and wireless internet. The 12-volt power makes it ideal for home, car and stand-alone emergency use.

Alinco DR-150T is a 2M 50W transceiver w/extended receive of 108-173.995/440-449MHz

– UNIQUE “Channel Scope” shows activity on adjacent freq’s or channels
+/- 20kHz – 60kHz OR +/- 3 memory channels (each side of center freq)
– Transmit range: 144.0 MHz – 147.995 MHz
– Power Output: 10w, 25w, 50w
– Receive range: 108.0 MHz – 173.995 MHz, 440.0 MHz – 449.995 MHz
– AM receive/aircraft
– Memory channels: 100, includes 1 call channel
– Dual VFO’s A + B
– Standard +/- 600kHz and custom splits
– Programmable DTMF “speed dial”
– CTCSS encode/decode
– 1200/9600 baud packet (includes dedicated 9600 baud port)

The radio is super clean (see photos) and includes all accessories: mic, mounting bracket, manual…
It comes pre-programmed with the standard Santa Barbara region repeaters and simplex frequencies.

Samlex RPS1207 Power Supply

– Regulated DC Power Supply 13.8 VDC 7-10 amp Output
– Input: 120VAC
– Output: 13.8 VDC 7-10 Amps (i.e., up to 138 Watts)

Almost new

Contact Stephen (W6STP) @ T: (805) 895-6252

Expires 11/17/2021

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