Leader PS-950 50 MHz Oscope

Leader PS-950 50MHz Oscope;  With built-in overhead DVM/Frequency counter. Channel 2 is slightly weaker than channel 1 but very usable. Like a test bench in a box. Comes w/manual, power cord, DVM, and Oscope probes. $25

Bird 43 Wattmeter PEP Kit; Brand new, never used. Will convert your Bird 43 to measure Peak Envelope Power, w/x2 and x5 scale multipliers. Turn it off and you’re back to CW measurements. $35

Email Mike K6RQV at mst1956@cox.net

Expires 11/14/2020

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  1. AI6VXAI6VX says:

    Hi Michael, I’ll take your scope. Check your email.

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