Diablo Peak Island Camera is back and better than before!

Thanks to many generous donations via our GoFundMe campaign, the SBARC Telecommunications Services Committee is happy to announce that we have an operational  live webcam on Diablo Peak on Santa Cruz Island! Diablo is the tallest mountain on an ocean island in the lower 48 and a strategic location for gathering all types of scientific data including ship and aircraft traffic, weather and cloud patterns and amateur radio linking.

Live video feed from Diablo Peak on Santa Cruz Island

In September 2018, the legacy standard-definition camera stopped functioning. While we have raised enough funds to install this new HD camera, there continue to be ongoing expenses necessary in order to keep it operational. We continue to raise funds to support this impressive high-definition replacement unit.

The camera allows aviators, mariners, researchers and public safety teams to ensure the safety of their island missions by providing a glimpse of the conditions in all directions around the island, in the channel and out to sea. It is an especially important asset for fire watch both on the island and looking back toward the Santa Barbara South Coast.  Unlike many strategic webcams, this live camera is available to anyone interested in taking a virtual trip to this remote, secluded promontory and peering off into the deep blue yonder!

Levi C. Maaia, K6LCM
Co-Chair, Telecommunications Services Committee
a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public benefit corporation
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Levi is a member of the SBARC Board of Directors and is the K6TZ Trustee. He is also a Volunteer Examiner.

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