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Welcome, and thanks for visiting our new website. The Santa Barbara Amateur Radio Club (SBARC) was established in 1920 and has operated continuously ever since. If you are a licensed Amateur Radio operator and not yet a member, we hope you will consider joining our club. If you are not yet licensed but have an interest in Amateur Radio, contact us, and we’ll help you get started! Better yet come meet our friendly members at one of our monthly club meetings

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Quadcopters and Repeaters


Haydn – KK6OYV

Haydn KK6OYV might be one of our youngest members, but he is way ahead of the rest of us in bringing the true spirit of “homebrew” to the hobby. Last year, Levi K6LCM launched his DJI quadcopter in the club station parking lot with a small “store and forward” repeater attached. That repeater would hear a transmission, store it and rebroadcast it. It was an interesting experiment and after getting used to the delay, was a lot of fun.

Haydn took this experiment way further. He incorporated a fully functioning lightweight cross-band repeater designed by Bob KK6EYV, and he built the quadcopter from scratch using various components he found afters hours of research. The quad’s frame is strong and and durable and the motors were selected for weight and performance. It lacks the sophisticated electronics and GPS capability that high end quads like those from DJI have, but is more than makes up for that in power. It can climb to 400 feet in just a few seconds and Haydn’s piloting skills more than compensate for the electronics in the DJI that make those machines easy to fly.

IMG_1230Haydn suspends the small repeater from about 8 feet of fishing line below the quadcopter. The repeater dangles a length of wire that acts as the antenna. The repeater itself runs off a 9 volt battery. This is a big improvement over the original 12 volt design from last year. It has squelch and other adjustments on board that allows Haydn to fine tune the circuits, almost literally, on the fly.

It actually works! Speech is clearly audible the repeater performance is just as you would expect from a repeater. We had some issues with interference so work will continue to find frequencies that work best. Haydn’s great ideas don’t sit idle on the workbench. He builds them and makes them work. For him, the sky’s the limit.

SBARC Participates in Field Day – SB Independent Article

Annual Hamfest Coming Up on August 16, 2015

stowgroveOur next big club event of the busy summer will be the SBARC Annual Hamfest on Sunday August 16, 2015. This year’s event will be held at Stow Grove Park – Area 1, and begin around 10am until 3pm or so.

There will be plenty for everyone including games, raffle prizes, and of course, a great BBQ by Tom N6YX! Visit with old friends, and meet new ones! Be sure to bring your spouse and family and stay awhile. This is the one event we have every year that you don’t want to miss. There is no admission charge, but please BYOB. Cold sodas and water will be available for purchase.

If you can help with the  setup or cleanup please contact: Rick Whitaker at or (805) 964-5440.

July 2015 General Club Meting

IMG_1204Many thanks to Rebecca Anderson of the American Red Cross for get great presentation on  “Be Red Cross Ready.” Rebecca specifically focused on the types of emergencies we might face in Santa Barbara and explained how we can prepare ourselves in advance so that we can survive the first few days of an emergency on our own. No matter how well we think we are prepared, we can always learn something new. We certainly did this night. Virtually everyone walked away with additional knowledge as well as some great handouts from the Red Cross.

The full audio is available in the General Meeting Audio Archives section.