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Amateur videos on amateur radio are becoming the go-to sources for current news. (Image created by DALL-E AI engine in ChatGPT 4)

In recent years, there has been a notable shift in the landscape of amateur radio journalism. Traditional print magazines and journals, once the cornerstone of the ham radio community, are increasingly becoming a rarity. This decline is part of a broader trend seen across many fields, where digital media is supplanting print media.

As a result, much of the latest news, technological updates, and exciting new projects in the amateur radio world are moving to more contemporary platforms like YouTube. This shift has given rise to a number of popular YouTube channels that have become the new go-to sources for amateur radio enthusiasts. These channels offer a diverse range of content, from in-depth tutorials and product reviews to real-world applications and community interactions.

Here is a list of some prominent YouTube channels that are leading this digital transformation in amateur radio journalism.

If you have others you like, please leave them in the comments!

  1. Ham Radio Crash Course: Basics to advanced ham radio topics, tutorials, reviews, and discussions.
  2. Ham Radio 2.0: Product reviews, interviews, event coverage.
  3. KB9VBR Antennas: Antenna performance improvement, DIY projects, tips.
  4. K8MRD Radio Stuff: Educational content, real-life ham radio experiences.
  5. HamRadioConcepts: Equipment reviews, tutorials, experiments.
  6. Temporarily Offline: Mix of educational content and personal experiences.
  7. K0PIR: Software, hardware, digital modes in ham radio.
  8. Ham Radio DX: Reviews, tutorials, interviews, propagation and DXing.
  9. Dave Casler KE0OG: Educational content on amateur radio topics.
  10. KM4ACK: Ham radio technology, DIY builds, software solutions and RaspberryPi projects.
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  1. W3BMGW3BMG says:

    Ham Radio Rookie is doing a bunch of fun stuff as well. J-Pole from faraday cloth, antenna from a ham can, slinky vertical.

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