Monday Thomas Fire Update: SBARC Repeaters Under Normal Operations

Live UCSD camera view looking east from atop Santa Ynez Peak.

Live UCSD camera view looking east from atop Santa Ynez Peak.

Information current as of 19 December @ 8:35 AM PST (16:35 UTC): The wind has died down but the threat from the Thomas Fire to the populated areas of Montecito and Santa Barbara remains as another strong wind event is predicted for midweek.  See the evacuation map below for more details.

At the present time, the linked SBARC repeaters are under “Normal Operation” as indicated by the single courtesy tone.  We have reenabled two-way access (TX/RX) for EchoLink and AllStar Link users. However, given the heightened alertness of the situation, please keep in mind that stations may be making calls with important traffic from difficult areas and only have a brief period of time where they can reach the repeater. Please allow for plenty of breaks in transmissions for emergency traffic. We encourage listeners outside of radio coverage to stream the repeater audio online.

The following repeaters are linked:
K6TZ 2m 146.79- PL 131.8
K6TZ 6m 51.820- PL 82.5
K6TZ 1.25m 224.08- PL 131.8
EchoLink (4376/K6TZ-R) and AllStar Link (43763) nodes are connected to the linked repeaters in TX/RX mode.

This is the perfect time to practice our emergency communications skills. It is also the perfect time to practice courtesy and civility on the air. Please treat your fellow hams with patience and respect.


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