New Live Mesh Network Map

SBARC Mesh Network Map

SBARC Mesh Network Map

Thanks to some very hard work by Eric KG6WXC, and with some help from Levi K6LCM, we now have a live, near real-time map online that displays the status of our mesh network.

Each mesh node has settings where the node owner can enter their station coordinates, and many users have done this. Eric devised a way to poll the network and read the coordinates and other details about each node and display them on a map. Then he went further, and calculated the link quality between nodes and displays that as a color coded line on the map.

This is a great addition to our network toolbox and a fun thing to check out. We can see how the network is performing at in a visual, easy to understand format. Check it out here!

Post expires at 8:19am on Wednesday November 30th, 2016 but will still be available in the archives.

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