New SBARC Official Phonetic Alphabet Adopted

Over the years, various organizations have established phonetic alphabets in order to ensure that spoken letters are properly understood. Despite the goal of universal understanding, the spoken word for each latter varies. For example:

Western Union:                  Adams – Boston – Chicago…
RAF:                                      Apple – Beer – Charlie…
US Army:                              Able – Baker – Charlie…
ITU:                                       Alfa – Bravo – Charlie…
NYPD:                                   Adam – Boy – Charlie…

All of these organizations have been in existence for a long time and continue to be well-known today. In order to ensure that SBARC has the recognition that it deserves and is well-known, we have decided to adopt our very own phonetic alphabet. It will serve the primary purpose of ensuring that callsigns, abbreviations, and unusual spellings are understood, it will give SBARC the same recognition as the organizations above that have developed their own phonetic alphabets. Please use the official SBARC phonetic alphabets on QSOs, in nets, and anywhere else as appropriate.


A – Aye
B –Bdellium
C – Czar
D –Djinn
E – Ewe
F- Fnese
G – Gnome
H – Hour
I – Igor
J – Jalapeño
K- Knot
L – Llama
M – Mnemonic

N – Nguyen
O – Oedipus
P – Pneumatic
Q – Quay
R – Rhotic
S – Sea
T – Tsar
U- Urn
V- Vizard
W – Wrong
X- Xylophone
Y- You

Post expires at 1:00am on Saturday April 2nd, 2016 but will still be available in the archives.

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6 Responses to New SBARC Official Phonetic Alphabet Adopted

  1. K6LCMK6LCM says:

    About time we standardized our own phonetics.

  2. K6BPMK6BPM says:

    Thanks to Jay WB6RDV for straightening this all out!

    • kk6yyzkk6yyz says:

      Yes, especially for my call sign- I need to know what Z is. It seems eerily absent. I have been using “Zed” (the motorcycle chopper riding character in the movie “Pulp Fiction”- no- not the Gimp!) Unless I hear otherwise, I will continue to refer to myself as “You..You..Zed”.

  3. KG6WXCKG6WXC says:

    lmao!!! knot gnome 6 wrong xylophone czar?

    I love it, now to try and remember that… still lmao! 🙂

  4. N6SXBN6SXB says:

    Where did you get the U.S. Army using Able, Baker, Charlie? Was that used in WWI?

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