2015 Bazaar Big Success

Darryl, KF6DI – Thank you to each of you good folks — Eric Satterlee, KG6WXC, from Port Hueneme; Bill Gross, W6FF, from Goleta; Bill Talanian, W1UUQ, from Goleta; Harry Rouse, K6PDQ, from Goleta; Ken Alker, KA6KEN, from Goleta; Bob Muller, KB6CTX, from Santa Barbara; Dorothy Oksner, K6DSO, from Carpinteria; Rick Whitaker, KG6VLB, from Santa Barbara and Tom Saunders, N6YX, from Goleta — we had a fun, successful and profitable Bazaar!

Starting many weeks ago with the gathering of Junque for our sale from as far away as the Satellite Amateur Radio Club’s Swapfest and Barbecue, from our Club Station at the Red Cross and from homes around the area and moving a whole lot of it from our Club’s storage container Friday afternoon and then actually taking it home with us overnight and then bright and early Saturday morning bringing it all over to the Goleta Union School District and unloading it from our vehicles and laying it all out in the rear parking lot there in a pretty orderly fashion and then continuing right into selling of much of it to our Club members and visitors so that they might enhance their collections, somehow we actually cleared around $1,250. Hey, that’s pretty good for a Saturday morning. It even outdid last year’s effort.

You know, if it weren’t for each of you pitching in and helping in whatever manner you did, this wouldn’t have happened. You were all terrific and I want you to know how much I appreciate what you did. So much of what makes a successful event is often unseen by the members. But that’s fine. I have always felt that the ones having the most fun were the ones who rolled up their sleeves and pitched in for the effort.

It was a very nice day. The weather was delightful, the doughnuts were delicious, the drinks were cold and the coffee was hot. Without naming names, you each helped out in your own way and we all appreciate what you did. I got a bit of sunshine on me which felt good. Around noontime you might have seen Mr. John Moon stuffing what looked like tons of unsold test equipment into his van to be carted off to parts unknown. For that he crossed our palms with a couple hundred bucks. Pretty good for stuff no one would want. For many years he has come to help us as well as himself at our Bazaars and it is appreciated.

When all was put away, the white tables belonging to the GUSD were returned to the Board Room and it was locked up, the parking lot given a sharp eye for evidence we had been there and swept clean, I have the feeling that they wouldn’t mind if we asked them if we could use their facility again next year!

Thank you, one and all, for helping me put on a fun and profitable Bazaar. I hope you enjoyed it. See you soon.

Darryl, KF6DI
2015 Bazaar Chm.

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