Technical Mentoring and Elmering Net – Thursday June 18, 2015

The timestamps below are best followed by downloading the Mp3 file here and listening with Windows Media Player.

The Technical Mentoring and Elmering net on Thursday, June 18th had 10 check-ins plus net control Dave (K6HWN). Discussions included:

00:12:00 Shackmaster Dave’s thought experiment/idea that of someone in Santa Barbara with a good gain antenna on the roof for 2 Meters terminated in a 50 ohm resistor or germanium diode. And, if they had the ability to feed into that diode at will when they flip the switch on or off, a signal of .81 MHz pure sine wave from an audio generator. With that set up and the .81 MHz signal was turned on, what would happen or be heard? Listen to the discussion and thoughts here.

00:24:20 Brian (K6BPM) had a question that when he is transmitting via RMS Express radio e-mail program ( on 40 Meters the signal can be heard when he’s transmitting at the same time on 2 Meters, specifically the K6TZ repeater! The other hams listening to the net on 2 Meters could hear this artifact through their 2 M rigs speaker as far away from Santa Barbara as Port Hueneme while Brian was transmitting.  Hear some thoughts regarding this phenomenon here.

00:35:00 I (K6FLD) asked Dennis (WB6OBB) if he had ever heard anything like my in-wall noise issue when I transmit on certain HF frequencies with my new end-fed antenna. I sounds like a loud hum emanating from the walls in the house and if the hair dryer is plugged in, the plug with GFI rattles like crazy and trips the GFI! Hear more about that here.

As I mentioned before, you can listen to the entire audio archive or go to the approximate time stamp listed at the beginning of each subject. It’s most accurate if you download the .mp3 audio file and play it in Windows Media Player or similar program.

Tune in to the SBARC Technical Mentoring and Elmering Net next Thursday at 8:00 PM or 2000 Hrs  and see what interesting questions will arise or ask some of your own! All club members and visitors are encouraged to check in to the Technical Mentoring and Elmering net each week and join in with questions and /or answers to and contribute the knowledge of new and seasoned amateur radio operators alike.

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