Field Day 2015 Wrapup

thTheo Howe, KK6YYZ – Unfortunately, this year the SBARC rover based Field Day had to be modified for lack of volunteer operators. The suggestion was made to operate from the Clubstation’s radio room, and quickly the call was put out for interested operators.
At 18:00 Zulu Saturday (beginning of Field Day) things started slowly with a few people stopping in to the club station to operate and visit. As the afternoon progressed however, we had a steady stream of visitors and club members excited to operate the Club station on Field Day. We now also have two new members of the Club because of the event.  We worked 40,20,15, 6 and 2 meter contacts. Modes were SSB except for 2m which was FM and SSB.

The Club Station, which is not known as a “big gun” in town, nevertheless made many contacts all the way to the East Coast, American Virgin Islands, Hawaii and New Zealand (though they are not a part of Field Day, officially). You can be proud of your club stations’ reach on Field Day!

I wanted to put out a big “Thank You” to everyone who participated, and we will be inviting you all back again for other ARRL contests at the Club Station! There are plans to upgrade your radio room and improve our contesting abilities. We will have at least one- if not more- logging station to allow for high speed contesting. We look forward to all of your participation! A big thank you goes out to Ken KA6KEN who was there the entire time helping to work DX.

Post expires at 1:00am on Saturday July 4th, 2015 but will still be available in the archives.

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  1. K6LCMK6LCM says:

    Thanks to Ken and Theo for making Field Day 2015 happen at K6TZ this year!

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