Local Repeater Outages

There are currently two 2m repeaters in our area that are out of commission for different reasons.

145.180 (SY Peak)
147.075 (Gibraltar)

The WB6OBB repeater, which was off the air for awhile, is back up and operating fully.

The K6TZ 146.79 repeater is completely operative, and alternative repeaters are encouraged for secondary use. These are as follows:

Ventura – 146.88 negative offset, PL 127.3
La Vagia 440 – 446.40 negative offset, PL 131.8
WB6OBB 440 – 449.30 negative offset, PL 131.8
Note: The OBB 440 repeater does not ID. Please identify that
you are using the WB6OBB repeater periodically.
Santa Cruz Island – 223.92 negative offset PL 131.8

The Shackmaster will scan-monitor all the above repeaters during normal club hours.

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