Digital Mode Software and Resources

The links below are for common software packages we use on the Digital Modes Net and for everyday operation. Most of the digital mode software we use is available for free and can be downloaded and installed in just a couple of minutes. Download links are provided for Windows versions of software. For other OS versions, please visit the website link provided. Programs marked with ** are “must haves” and recommended by Brian K6BPM.

Digital Mode Software

JT65-HF-HB9HQX-Edition – A popular package for using the JT65 protocol. Download

** WSJT-X – Another great package for JT65, JT9, and JT4. Download

** JTAlert – An extremely useful add-on package for either of the JT65 applications above. Download 

** Winlink – Allows you to send email over-the-air to anyone.

** FLDigi – One of the best programs out there for doing PSK31 and most of the other digital modes. Download We also recommend you download and install FLMsg from this same site. Download

MultiPSK – A PKS31 program – registration requested. Download

DigiPan – Another freeware program for PSK31. Download

** FreeDV – A free application for doing digital voice over HF. Download

EasyPal – A free application for sending and receiving photos over the air. Download

MMSSTV – A free application for operating SSTV and sending/ receiving analog images. Download 

Ham Radio Deluxe – A very full featured commercial application that includes rig control, logging, digital modes and more. Download (v5.24 free version) – Download (Latest full trial version)

Special Purpose Utilities

** Dimension 4 – A helpful utility for keeping your system clock perfectly synchronized. Maintaining the accurate time is very important for JT65/JT9 operation. Download

Virtual Audio Cable – Very useful for creating virtual sound cards for unusual digital mode software installation requirements.

VSP Manager – Virtual Serial Port Manager. Another great utility if you need extra software based serial ports.

Soundcard Scope – A free oscilloscope utility for getting the optimum performance from your soundcard. Download

Other Resources

** Tigertronics – Makers of the very popular SignaLink USB sound card interface for digital modes operation.

West Mountain Radio – Makers of the RigBlaster line of sound card interfaces for digital modes operation.

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