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As we all know, we are losing our primary repeater site on the Mesa. We have received no help from the city thus far in finding a new location. It’s time to show support for SBARC and let the Mayor and City Council members know how we feel. We would like to get SBARC members and friends of SBARC to send an email to the City Council so we show them how we feel.

I prepared a sample email that you can copy and paste or you can write your own. Emails need to be sent to the following email address: sbcitycouncil@santabarbaraca.gov

The sample email is below:

Dear Council members,

I am writing in support of the Santa Barbara Amateur Radio Club. Over the years, they have provided communications support for dozens of parades, marathons and bicycle races, entirely on a voluntary basis. They have made their availability a priority in many of our worst disasters and have been instrumental in helping many neighborhood groups develop emergency communications programs.

I am aware that the City has ordered them to vacate the location they have used for 50 years for their primary communications systems. I would urge City officials to do everything possible to help this non-profit organization find an alternate suitable communications site so the community can continue to depend on this valuable resource.

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