Diablo Peak Island Repeater Back on the Air!

CH-60 landing at Diablo.

CH-60 military helicopter landing at Diablo with the repeater package and crew

On October 7, 2019, members of the SBARC Technical Team went to Diablo Peak and installed new 223.92 repeater hardware, bringing that service back on the air. Listening on channel the past few days I notice the repeater is exceptionally quiet. Typically when a new system comes on line everyone is anxious to use it and find out what coverage there is.

Tait 220 repeater during installation and testing.

Tait 220 repeater during installation and testing

There was an absolutely huge effort that went into getting this system to the best location anywhere on coastal California. This included the CH-60 military helicopter and getting the team to Diablo. SBARC contributes partial funding to the system cost however, the major cost of the equipment plus time and materials comes from out-of-pocket. The next step with the installation is to integrate the 220 to an RLC controller which shall also be tied to the Club’s 2-meter repeater 146.655. To sustain continuing support and interest it is important that members show their interest.

Bill Talanian, W1UUQ
K6TZ Trustee


Call Location Output Freq Input Freq PL
K6TZ Diablo Peak on Santa Cruz Island
Live Camera
223.920 222.320 131.8
W6XC Diablo Peak on Santa Cruz Island
GRONK/SBARC co-sponsored; open; FM & P25 supported
146.655 146.055 131.8

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