The audio archive of this net can best be followed by downloading the .mp3 file for the appropriate date here and listening with the media player of your choice. You can move the progress slider forward or backward to the subject of interest to you.

We had another good net tonight with 9 check-ins plus net control, Chuck, K5CAW and some chat room visitors! Tonight’s subjects included:

  • Conductance, Admittance and Susecptance, what are they and how do we use these concepts in everyday ham radio?
  • Built-in antenna tuners v.s. external tuners.
  • What happened to the pirate FM station operating on 96.9 MHz locally?
  • LED light interference, how to clean up or prevent?

Tune in to the SBARC TM&E Net every Thursday at 8:00 PM local (2000 Hrs) and see what interesting questions will arise or ask some of your own! All club members and visitors are encouraged to check in to the net each week and join in with questions and /or answers to and contribute the knowledge of new and seasoned amateur radio operators alike.

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