Technical Mentoring and Elmering Net May 14, 2015

The Technical Mentoring and Elmering net on Thursday 5/14/15 was an informative one with 14 check-ins plus net control (K6HWN). The net began at with Brian’s (K6BPM) announcement that we now have a special list server “discussion group” set up for members (and non-members) interested in emergency communications. The purpose for this is to discuss how SBARC can operate as a club, and how the average amateur radio operator in general can help in the event of an emergency. This is not affiliated with ARES or any other group, nor does it interfere with their mission. As a club, and as licensed amateur radio operators, one of our civic responsibilities is to be prepared to help our community in any way we can. We hope you will join and contribute to the discussion! To join the list simply send a blank email to Further instructions will be sent to you.

Next Ken (KA6KEN) asked why the 220 repeater (224.08) linked and unlinked to 146.79 (K6TZ) periodically throughout the day. The answer to that question is that we link the 224.08 to K6TZ so that ham’s that don’t have a clear signal to the K6TZ repeater but can hit 224.08 can participate in our nets. The operator keys down a second early to make the connection and is heard on K6TZ. The link is taken down after the nets unless someone needs the link for other traffic. The reason the link is taken down is because other signals from other surrounding areas can interfere and can be an annoyance. The discussion evolved into use of a repeater to control a remote base station and then evolved further into the use of remote station operations. One question asked if it is legal for a technician licensee to operate on a repeater that operates a remote base whose output is on another license class frequency allocation. The answer is no, the technician should not operate out of his license class without supervision no matter how they gain access to it.

Shackmaster Dave(K6HWN) then asked who knew all of the handy and emergency reasons to operate remote base station and it proved to be a lively conversation. You can listen to the audio archive of the net here.

Tune in to the SBARC Technical Mentoring and Elmering Net next Thursday at 0800 and see what interesting questions will arise or ask some of your own! All club members and visitors are encouraged to check in to the Technical Mentoring and Elmering net each week and join in with questions and /or answers to and contribute the knowledge of new and seasoned amateur radio operators alike.

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