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Fundraising Bargains Under $30.00

  1. Parallax O’scope: USB Oscilloscope, Function Generator, Logic Analyzer, and Spectrum Analyzer. Comes w/USB power cable and two x1/x10 probes. Download the still available software at $20.00  Photo-1  Photo-2  Photo-3  (Listed 01/30/23)
  2. Yihua Power Supply: Model PS-1501S. 0-15VDC at 1 amp. Very clean $20.00  Photo  (Listed 01/25/23)
  3. Handheld DTMF Pad: If you’ve been around long enough you know what this is for. Excellent condition and works great.  Speaker and headphone output built-in. Includes instructions and a receipt from 1976! $10.00  Photo  (Listed 01/10/23)
  4. Surge Suppressor: Manufactured by Huber and Suhner-an industry giant. Superb construction. GDT (Gas Discharge Tube) replaceable cartridge. N connector, 50 Ohms, DC-1GHz. We have several. $25.00 each.  Photo (Listed 12/28/22)
  5. Heathkit IP2715 Battery Eliminator: Otherwise known as a bench power supply. Outputs approx 9VDC to 15VDC @ 12 Amps continuous/20 Amps intermittent, some have run it at 17 Amps continuous all day with no problems. Decent condition. $30.00  Photo  (Listed 11/20/22)
  6. Monster Homemade Variac: This homemade adjustable voltage transformer is heavy-duty. You’ll seldom find this type of device that can output 20 Amps. $30.00  Photo  (Listed 11-03-2022)
  7. Logitech H340 Headset: w/USB computer interface connector. Guaranteed to work. $10.00 Photo (Listed 10-27-2022)
  8. Heathkit Analog Trainer: Model ET-3100. $20.00 Photo (Listed 9-19-2022)
  9. Heath ET3200 Digital Trainer: Excellent condition, comes with experimental components for $20.00 Photo (Listed 4-11-2022)

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All SBARC fundraising items are available at the Club Station on Saturday mornings between 9 am and noon.

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Updated 02/02/2023 W0JFB

QCX+ 5W 20-Meter CW Transceiver

QCX+ 5W 20-Meter CW Transceiver – $49
Brand new kit! A feature-packed, high performance, single-band 5W CW transceiver kit, with a WSPR beacon and built-in alignment/test equipment. It has rotary encoder synthesized tuning, VFO A/B/Split, Iambic keyer, CW decoder, and more…
These kits retail and ship to the U.S. from Europe at a cost of ~$75. I’m selling this new-in-box kit for 33% less than it can be purchased from QRP Labs. Enclosure not included.
Levi, K6LCM

Post expires at 5:25pm on Wednesday May 3rd, 2023 but will still be available in the archives.

Ariss SB8200 DOCSIS 3.1 10-Gigabit Cable Modem

This is technically a radio but more importantly, it gets you and your radios and hotspots online.
Ariss SB8200 DOCSIS 3.1 10-Gigabit Cable Modem – $55  – No Photo
This device is compatible with Cox internet service and offers 10-gigabit support. Includes modem and power adapter.
Levi, K6LCM

Post expires at 3:39pm on Tuesday May 2nd, 2023 but will still be available in the archives.

QST Magazines

I have about 30 years of QST magazines and am running out of room. My collection is from January 1994 to the present. The QSTs are in excellent condition. No rips, no stains, etc.I am asking for ten dollars for 12 issues for the year 1994 and ten dollars for 12 issues for the year 1995. I will include about six old issues of the RSGB* magazine RadCom.I am in Goleta walking distance from Home Depot.My telephone number is (805) 456-5107.Skip Aubry,*Radio Society of Great Britain

Post expires at 7:23am on Tuesday May 2nd, 2023 but will still be available in the archives.