General Membership Meeting – November 18, 2016 Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 1937 hours by President Brian Milburn, K6BPM

Attendance: A quorum of 38 was present.

1. Pledge of Allegiance led by President Brian Milburn.
2. All those present introduced themselves and their call signs.
3. President Brian Milburn asked those who brought a home brew item to talk a few minutes about it. Five presenters came forward to describe their items.
4. President Brian Milburn, K6BPM, introduced the slate of candidates to serve as officers and directors for 2017 and called for nominations from the floor. There being none, Jay Hennigan, WB6RDV, moved nominations be closed, Dennis Schwentner, WB6OBB, 2nd. Motion passed.
5. Members picked up ballots for the election.

Break for distributing ballots, counting ballots, reviewing and voting for home brew.
Program presented by Michael Ditmore and Jim Knight of Novim.

President Brian Milburn announced the winners of the election of 2017 Board of Directors:

President: Brian Milburn, K6BPM
Secretary: Dorothy Oksner, K6DSO
Treasurer: Tom Saunders, N6YX
Directors: Theo Howe, KK6YYZ; Levi Maaia, K6LCM; Bob Muller K6CTX; and Michael Taylor, K6RQV.

Home Brew Winner was Hayden Brooke, KK6OYV, with the Loop Antenna he made.

There being no further business to conduct, the meeting was adjourned at 2145 hours.

Respectfully Submitted,
Dorothy Oksner, K6DSO, Secretary

Post expires at 6:35pm on Monday December 12th, 2016 but will still be available in the archives.

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