Technical Mentoring and Elmering Net – February 12, 2015

Well last night proved to be another successful Technical Mentoring and Elmering Net, there were 14 total check-ins and Shackmaster (K6HWN) made for 15 participants. First up Jim (KJ6ZJX) had a question about his 10 meter antenna and would it be long enough to tune other HF bands. I asked him what kind of antenna, vertical, dipole, etc. and Jim responded dipole. After a discussion with other members of the net it was determined that he has enough room and copper wire to go ahead and construct another longer wire antenna and use it on the lower bands.

Answer to last week’s puzzle: Eric (K6HMD) heard back from ICOM and indeed he’d set the transceiver into a self-calibration mode and band scope setting that emits 100 KHz spaced band markers for frequency tuning. So Shackmaster had it pretty much correct except that newer rigs use digital calibration modes rather than crystals. Congrats Shackmaster!

I had a question about a mathematical equation being used in the Extra Class license manual. In order to calculate effective radiated power (ERP) from an antenna you first need to calculate the total gain which includes losses due to feed lines, duplexers and circulators and add back in the antenna’s gain. The total gain turns out to be 1 dB. So now that plugs into this equation: EIRP = 200 W x log-1 (1/10) = 200 log-1 (0.1) = 200 (1.26) = 252 W. My issue is that no matter how I plugged the numbers into my scientific calculator I couldn’t make it work. Eric (K6HMD) commented that it seemed a little bit of an “old school” way to present the problem but he came up with the answer. With the calculator you enter 0.1 and press the anti-log function which gives you the 1.26. Thanks Eric! If I do get this question on the Exam I’ll be in good shape!

The remaining discussion was about the new digital HTs that several of the club members have picked up and are experimenting with. Brian (K6BPM), Levi (K6LCM) and Eric (K6HMD) all were very helpful in explaining the new technology and their experiences with it so far. The Yaesu FT-1DR is a hand-held digital / analog transceiver utilizing Yaesu’s C4FM/FDMA technology for digital communications and it’s also capable of 144/430 MHz FM as well. You can read more about it here SBARC and here Yaesu. It’s supposed to be on sale right now for around $299.95, about a $100.00 discount.

All club members and visitors are encouraged to check in to the Technical Mentoring and Elmering net each week and join in with questions and /or answers and contribute to the learning experience of new and seasoned hams alike.

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