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With the introduction of links to the 2m and 220 FM repeaters on Santa Cruz Island in December 2020, SBARC now maintains a network of six full-time-linked repeaters throughout Santa Barbara County including the K6TZ flagship repeater on 146.790 MHz at the Talanian Communications Facility (TCF) on the Santa Barbara Mesa. The table below details the frequencies and tones required for access to the SBARC Hub which now covers Santa Barbara County and parts of San Luis Obispo and Ventura counties.

Club nets held on the SBARC Hub include: Cuckoo Net (M-F 8-8:30am), Digital Communications Net (Tues. 8pm), Club Net (Wed. 7:30pm) and Technical Mentoring and Elmering Net (Thurs. 8pm).


Call Location / Name Output Freq Input Freq PL
K6TZ Talanian COMFAC S.B. Mesa

Main Club 2m Repeater
Usually linked to SBARC Hub
AllStar Link Node: 43763

incoming VoIP connections only
Live audio & archives
146.790 146.190 131.8
K6TZ Santa Ynez Peak

Usually linked to SBARC Hub
145.180 144.580 in: 131.8
out: 146.2
W6XC Diablo Peak/Santa Cruz Island 2m
Usually linked to SBARC Hub
GRONK/SBARC co-sponsored; open; FM & P25 supported
Use limited to stations west of Malibu.
146.655 146.055 131.8
K6TZ Diablo Peak/Santa Cruz Island 220
Usually linked to SBARC Hub
Live Camera
223.920 222.320 131.8
K6TZ La Cumbre Peak East 220
May be linked to SBARC Hub
224.080 222.480 131.8
K6TZ Santa Ynez Peak 220
Usually linked to SBARC Hub
224.120 222.520 131.8
K6TZ Talanian COMFAC S.B. Mesa
“TZ 6m”
May be linked to SBARC Hub
51.820 51.320 82.5


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About K6LCM

Levi is an Extra Class licensee and the K6TZ FCC license trustee. He is a member of the SBARC Board of Directors and a Volunteer Examiner.

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