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A great friend to SBARC and many of its members became a silent key last week. Andy and Bill W1UUQ were responsible for many of our most ambitious projects and much of the hardware we use. Andy last presented to SBARC on May 15th 2020, exactly three years ago. This was during the Covid lockdowns and he graciously joined us over Zoom. You can watch the presentation at:

Andy was a substantial force in amateur radio as well as in first responder communications. His accomplishments were only exceeded by his professional stature. I can’t think of a better tribute to Andys life than one offered by Matt W6XC, so here it is.


With a heavy heart, I must relate that our friend, colleague, mentor and rock, Andy Seybold has become a silent key. For those who know Andy, we will miss his gregarious personality, his way of storytelling, his wisdom and his great friendship. He is truly a legend of the wireless industry. And a powerful force to be reckoned with. You could always count on him being direct and telling you what you needed to hear. Nobody would work harder for an issue they were passionate about than Andy. What became FirstNet is a prime example.

Andy was on the ground floor of nearly everything over the last 55+ years in telecom. Earning his BSEE from Drexel University, Andy’s start was in the east. A Quaker and Pennsylvania native, his career began there. Later working in Ohio, California, New York and many destinations throughout his career, coming up from being an installer and tech in two-way to a consultant heeded by the US congress, he earned everything by dedication to his craft. A wordsmith to be sure, Andy authored numerous documents as he came into his truest stride. He authored many articles, gave many presentations, held training courses, and co-authored 2 books. He advocated stridently for Public Safety including the D Block Initiative, later becoming FirstNet, convincing Congress to set aside this spectrum. Andy was very successful in networking with industry leaders and policymakers alike. He truly brought people together and advocated for the best solutions as he saw them.

Andy received many awards during his career. Working for General Electric, RCA, Motorola, Biocom among others, he was part of many firsts. Andy has been a longtime member of another RCA, the Radio Club of America, becoming an RCA Fellow in 2000. Likewise a member of APCO. Receiving many awards including RCA’s Samoff Citation (2010), NPSTC Leadership Award (2012), multiple Sales awards from General Electric and Motorola from his early career, APCO President’s Award (2011), and most recently the IWCE Lifetime Achievement Award this past March.

Andy was a prime contributor locally, when I had the privilege of meeting him through another mutual close friend, Bill Talanian. Andy, Bill and I worked closely together on multiple non-profit projects. Andy provided many donations, consultation and other support to the Santa Barbara Amateur Radio Club (SBARC) and with Bill birthed the Santa Barbara Technical Advisory Council (SBTAC) which later became the Santa Barbara Wireless Foundation (SBWF). Andy made presentations to multiple local clubs and has been a great friend to many here. I have Andy and Bill to thank for truly accelerating my career in this industry. It has been a great honor to work with Andy and benefit from his wisdom.

And I couldn’t say all of this without acknowledging that, as the wise saying says, behind every successful man is a good woman. Linda has been Andy’s bride and tireless partner for many years. They have enjoyed a unique relationship anyone would find beautiful to witness. Completing each other, supporting each other, an example we could all learn from.

Godspeed, my friend. Thank you for all you’ve given.

Matt Lechliter


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