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  #1 - April 15th
  #2 - June 8th
Santa Barbara Amateur Radio Club   

Santa Barbara Amateur Radio Club
4th U.S. ARDF Championships

General Information

Wednesday, June 16 - Check-in
Thursday, June 17 - Practice/Calibration of Equipment, Start Time Draw, etc.
Friday, June 18 - 2M Competition
Saturday, June 19 - 80M Competition, Awards Banquet

We will be using e-punch for scoring, and rental sticks will be available if needed at $2.00 for the event. This provides a lot of advantages including almost instant scoring, and splits for each leg. Lost e-punches are charged at $30.00 (per LAOC policy.)

Physical condition is going to be important! To do okay, you should be able to average about 10 minutes per km. for an hour, and not be dead tired afterwards. This includes up and down hills. To do well, you will probably need to be faster :).

One of my main goals is keeping costs down and trying to accommodate the schedules of those people wanting to compete in the Czech Republic at the World Championships. The entry fee will vary depending on what people want, but the basic entry fee will be $75.00 or less. That fee covers the venue permits, medals, and the Awards banquet; transportation is still being worked out. Lodging and meals will be the responsibility of those attending. Now is the time to let me know if you have any specific requests :).

If anyone from the international community wishes to attend the championships and needs a Letter of Invitation, please send me an email.

Marvin, KE6HTS
Chairman, 2004 U.S. ARDF Championships


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